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The Wizard of Oz Play

I liked The Wizard of Oz play. There were even EXPLOSIVES, FIRE, FOG, flying actors, and Toto was played by a real dog (part of the time). My favorite character was the Wicked Witch of the West because she was supposedly conducting the explosions, she sprayed fire from her hand and broom, and she flies. The end. That is a true story.

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My Robohand

This is my robohand. We pull strings and the fingers curl up. It can curl up into a fist to punch and other stuff. You can find this and other robot projects in Robotics : discover the science & technology of the future with 20 projects by Kathy Ceceri.

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We have a magic moose that I move every once-in-a-while. When Eliana sees him she puts him in a bag (but somehow he always escapes). Here are some places I hid him:

1. by the mini christmas tree
2. by the christmas tree (he even knocked down some ornaments!)
3. in the pantry (eating some cereal!) When Ellie saw it she said “NO!!!!!!!” and threw him on the floor!
And many other places!

And so far I don’t think Ellie knows it’s me! (until she reads this blog.)

The end. That’s a true story.

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The 4 Types of Paragraphs: Persuasive, Expository, Narrative and Descriptive.

I wrote 2 paragraphs. Here is my expository one:
This is an expository paragraph about expository paragraphs. Expository paragraphs explain about someone or something, for instance, this one is about expository paragraphs. Expository and other types of paragraphs can be fun to write once you have an idea for one!

My persuasive one:
Please keep caterpillars! I know caterpillars are hard work to have, but if you find them on a plant, pick some. They probably eat it! Caterpillars are fun to watch eat or go in and out of their chrysalis or cocoon. But the best part is... letting the butterfly or moth go!

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My new art method

A new art method - Shape art by William
A new art method - Shape art by William

My new (at least I think it’s new) type of drawing is called “shape art.”
How to draw:
1. Pick a new shape. ex. circle
2. Pick a new color. ex. red
3. Pick a thing. ex. dog
4. Draw your thing using your shape in your color. ex. a red dog made of circles
5. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 4. ex. a blue dog made of squares
6. Do this as many times as you like. ex. 10
Date and place I made this up: Date, 7/7/2013, place, Grandma Barbs.
have fun drawing!
The End. That is a true art method

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My Mantes

Our friend Jeremiah gave some praying mantises to us today. He dropped them off at our house because he had too many. He got an egg sac and an egg sac can have up to 100 eggs in it. We got 15 mantises and a lot of fruit flies for them to eat. I wanted them because I like to study insects. I hope that they will live to get big and green. Right now they are about half an inch long, but they get to be 2 - 2 1/2 inches.

Praying Mantises and a stick for climbing
Praying mantis hatchlings and wingless fruit flies for their food
Baby Mantids, 15 total
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):0 Monster-babies: Baby Red-head 0:(

Info for Baby Red-head:

Appearance: Day: a regular baby


Night: baby with glowing red head


Weapons: Laser stare, claws, flammable (but does not die) body

To defeat: Offer flowers, shoot in head

Side: Evil

Planet: Erto

Tribe: Bear

The end, that's not a true creature.

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easter at grandma barb's/lanz's/my houses

I <3 Easter.
At my house, right when I got up, I found Max's basket, then Eliana's basket, then Dad's basket all before mine!

At Grandma Barb's house, first we ate lunch. Then we found our Easter basket.

At Grandma Lanz’s house, we had no baskets :( but we did have a BIG easter egg hunt :).

The end that’s a true story.

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Funeral series: Fishipoid/Last Hissing Cockroach

Fishipoid: Today Fishipoid died. His adoption day was April 11, 2011. We don't know why he died, but I have a cold and I was flicking the water, so that might have caused it. But it also could have been:
1. That we changed a lot of stuff like his tiki head we changed to a colorful cave with lots of doors and we changed the tubing.
2. We didn't let the water sit out as long as we should have.
After he died, I got to dump him in the toilet and he just went right into the drain and then we just flushed it.

Fishipoid the Fierce

Last Hissing Cockroach: Last year, Hisser died. He lived the longest of all the hissing cockroaches. We think it was because he was kind of keeping the food to himself and the house with more space to himself, so the others didn't have quite enough of what they needed. After he died, we left him for a few days to check if he moved, but he didn't. So I took him to the backyard and buried him with the other cockroaches, Birdie (the bird who hit our window), and Belle (who we didn't really bury, we just buried her toys).


The end. That was a true story.


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